Prop 8: Ugh.  

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Ok, so I wrote a post a few days ago mistakenly stating that the Mormon Church itself donated money to Prop 8, which is false. I am not sure what I was thinking or if I was under the impression that the Church did donate money, but they did not.

The money, 77% of it, came from members of the Mormon Church. Isn't a bit ironic that a religion who faced persecution and discrimination for their polygamous marriages is now asking members to support laws that are discriminatory?

Lastly, I will not approve anonymous comments. If you aren't willing to take credit for what you say, you can post somewhere else, like your own blog. Have the courage to stand behind your words, stop being a coward!


I'm interested in your source claiming that over 70% of the pro-8 money came from Mormons, considering the information contained in this article.

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