Auto Bailout Talks Fail.  

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I have very mixed feelings about the failure of the government to bailout three automakers. On the one hand, it sucks because it places a lot of families in a scary position. Our economy is already in the shitter and now we might have a lot of middle class families suffer because the executives of these companies don't understand what consumers want (hint: not their cars).

However, because of a lousy President, we have spent ourselves silly. We just bailed out some companies and that bailout was made into a mockery as their irresponsible spending is continually revealed; golden parachutes, astronomical bonuses, and lavish trips. Way to spend our tax dollars.

Even if our previous bailout was miraculous and was the beginning of our return to a strong economy, we still are spending way too much money. It feels like we are damned if we bailout and damned if we don't.


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