Seattle Got Snow!  

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It isn't much and it's pretty pathetic to what Idaho and New England are capable of producing, but it's still snow and it will have to do.

I remember back in Junior High and High School when we would get a few inches and the entire area would shut down. People out here get freaked out by snow. Emergency school closures, late-starts, people thinking they can drive in it when really they can't. That's winter in Seattle.

After 8 winter's in Idaho and 1 winter in New England, I've seen plenty of snow and no matter where you are, no matter how ugly the area, snow has a way of beautifying it. Everything is so much prettier with snow. That is until the red rock is poured on the streets and the pure white snow becomes red gunk. But still, there is never enough red rock to ruin it.

My favorite is when you get the whiteout snowstorms where you are almost insane to go drive in it. We had several of those in New Hampshire. One right after another. It would take 30 minutes to an hour to dig your car out and enough of a trail to get to a road the city had plowed and then I would drive the approximate 1 mile to my office and work while the city was calm. Yeah, that's right, I'm one of those insane people who insist on driving in snowstorms.

I love sitting in an office or your home and watching the massive amounts of snow fall. Seeing the buildup on trees, roofs, cars, and streets is exhilirating. This all makes me yearn for a white Christmas that is possible in Seattle, though unlikely. Last Christmas, I was in Rhode Island. I wanted to go somewhere I might never ever see and Rhode Island was only about 2 hours from New Hampshire. I was barely in Rhode Island because about 1 mile down the road from my hotel was Massachussets. lol. Gotta love how every state in New England is so close to other states.

I didn't really have the white Christmas in Rhode Island. There were traces of snow off the sidewalks and it was cold, but to the best of my knowledge, I don't remember snow. What I remember is driving across bridges that led to islands within Rhode Island. Rhode Island was simply gorgeous.


We had it warm up here so it got nasty and iced every thing up driving was a ..lets just say id rather not leave skid marks in the shorts..glad to be home where i wont be driving till tomorow after the salt trucks do there good work!

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