Obama has brought out all the crazies.  

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I've been surrounded by a great deal of people in my life whose politics are moderate and often times liberal, like mine. However, with my job that I had for several months this year, I spent most of my time at Republican town halls, rallies, conferences, etc., and so I got to hear all the right wing rhetoric (the gays will convert all the children to gayism, the illegals will take over our country, George W. Bush is God's chosen President for our country, Hillary and Obama are the anti-Christ, liberals are communists, etc), yet I still am amazed by how much right wing nuttery exists. And really amazed when it comes from so-called Christlike Christians.

I find it highly amusing when Republicans point to the election of Barack Obama as a sign that the Second Coming of Christ is near. As if the insane amount of damage Bush has wrought on our country and world wasn't a sign of the apocalypse, a man who hasn't even been sworn in has suddenly done more to bring about the end of the world. Give me a friggin' break.

The problem is that both parties try too hard to lead and guide by fear. Our country will become a communist country because of Obama, global warming will kill all of human kind in the next 20 years, Bush will invade Iran, Hillary cannot be elected because her and her husband are murderers. Whether or not any of the aforementioned are factual or not, it's becoming quite tiresome that we are so easily influenced by our fears.

Call me biased (I am), but it seems as though Republicans have perfected this technique. Remember how Al Qaeda was rooting for John Kerry to win? Or how we would have another 9/11 if Kerry was elected?). Republicans have really taken national security and turned it into some type of game of "how can we scare the American public enough?" It reminds me of this quote, "A ruler, to stay in power, must convince the people that the enemy is ever at the door." Nicollo Machiavelli.

Listen, I'm not asking for your unconditional support of President elect Obama, I'm just asking you to give him the benefit of the doubt. To maybe withhold judgment until you have something factual to back up your fearmongering and irrationality. Is that too much to ask?


I hate how the Bush years have pushed things into such crazy territory that when you're correctly assessing reality, you feel crazy.

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