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A few days ago my dad took me out to lunch. We went to the Space Needle and ate at the top. It was a bit overpriced, but really fun as the restaurant moves around and you get a whole view of the city as it slowly moves (makes a whole rotation every half an hour or so). To eat at the restaurant, you must spend $25/person. Included in that $25 is the admission to the top of the Space Needle. So really you are only needing to spend what you would spend eating at a Cheesecake Factory or similar restaurant.

It was fun to get the view of Queen Anne and find my condo building! Seattle is a very unique and fun city and it is fun to live here. But, my mind can't help but wonder where I will be living come November, when my lease ends. I like Seattle, but parking is expensive, the bus system is overpriced and when you are in the ride free zone, it's a bit scary. Anytime you live in a big city, there are always complaints, which I why I just need to move out into the suburbs a bit. If I want to go to the mall or a movie, I don't want to pay for parking, unless it's valet parking. But I will miss my view!

Living in Idaho really gave me a craving for living on a property with some land. A bit of seclusion, but not too far from the city, some land for a big yard, a fire pit, but not tons of acreage because that would be a little scary.

Am I describing Auburn or something more eastward? If I won't live in the big city, do I really want the typical suburbia city with regular neighborhoods all filled with families and minivans? No thanks.

Federal Way has turned into "Ghetto Way" or "Federal Watts." Other nearby areas are equally as scary, or so I've read. How about a place with some land and a view of some water? Does that exist?


Shoreline, kiddo, come to Shoreline. Yeah, there are families and minivans, but there's the Crest Theater and Hotwire Expresso, some land, lots of water - it's been home to me for twenty five years now and I wouldn't live anywhere else in greater Seattle.

I don't know about Shoreline. My cat's Vet is there, but I'm really thinking of South King County.

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