Those funny forwards!  

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Aren't really so funny and/or interesting because they are often false, misleading, half-truths, etc. Generally speaking, the emails that are simple jokes or funny pictures, aren't what I am referring to. You know exactly what I am referring to!

The emails that drive me insane are the ones that are political in nature or something that is a picture of something but the description isn't accurate, but almost always political or social in nature.

For instance, I received a forward of this beautiful building with this awesome interior. What was the building? A prison in the United States. The problem is that the prison in this particular email is actually a prison in Austria. A very nice prison, but something that US tax dollars didn't fund.

Honestly, I don't care how Austria spends it's tax dollars, but I do care that people spread these emails around without verifying the contents via or another website that is in the business of debunking. It takes, literally, 10 seconds of Googling to get to the bottom of these forward emails.

I remember getting so annoyed when people would assume what I believed as a Mormon. Really, it only took a few minutes of researching or asking questions to figure out that Mormons DO NOT sacrifice animals in the temple. Sending emails around is akin to the same type of ridiculous assumption that just because someone told you something or sent you something, it must be true.

This problem has only be exacerbated by President Obama's fast rise in politics and stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton, as well as the massacre that took place when the McCain campaign was dismantled by the Obama campaign's superior practices and theories of campaigning. How many Obama forwards exist? I would guess somewhere in the thousands. For the record, no he isn't a Muslim and even if he was, who cares?

One thing that has been great is that I receive fewer and fewer of these ridiculous forwards. The Republicans I know are either too smart to send me crap or they just don't get involved with this email forwarding game. When I do get forwards, they are usually funny jokes (even the political jokes can be funny), funny pictures, cute pictures of animals, etc.


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