Beauty All Around Us.  

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Tonight I volunteered at an event for the King County Conservation Voters. A part of the evening consisted of a live auction, which had about 30 items. Many of the items involved getaways, such as a trip to Sedona, a stay in Great Britain, a condo rental in Washington D.C. and some little getaways in our own Washington.

If you aren't from Washington, it can be difficult to grasp the weirdness of the geography of our state. We have some bodies of water that break our state up. If you see water shots in a picture of Seattle, it isn't the Pacific Ocean you are seeing, but either a lake or the Puget Sound. To get to the Pacific Ocean from Seattle, you need to drive a few hours, and in some routes, take a ferry, which would be quicker. (I'm totally simplifying things here, sorry).

For you Twilight fans, Forks is pretty close to the coast, and is, I think, about 3 1/2 hours away from Seattle. You would drive north a bit and take a Ferry and drive a few hours to get to Forks. I definitely want to go there because it is beautiful.

If you look at a map of Washington and really zoom in on the western part, you can get a better idea of our geography and see the Puget Sound.

I write about this because aside from the auction I attended, I have been watching reruns of Little People, Big World and right now the reruns are of the Roloff's RV trip to some National Parks. It reminds me of the diversity and the beauty that is all around us. Even the most "boring" looking states, contain vast amounts of beauty.

Most of you know that the area that Mt. Rushmore is in, Badlands, is pretty nice looking. Well, I would disagree, it contains an infinite amount of beauty. You cannot even imagine how gorgeous it is. I so badly wished I had a day or two to spend near there because it was breathtaking! But, even before I got to the Badlands area, I was shocked to find so much pretty scenery in South Dakota. I really want to go back to South Dakota because I loved the Badlands area and the whole western history was really neat.

So I guess the moral of the story is that there is beauty all around us, in our state, in our country, and in our world. We should carpe diem and see as much of it as we can. We need to spend less time working (which is easy for me to say) and more time living.


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