Salmon, Any greater food?  

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I've loved salmon since the first time I tasted it. Most of the time I've enjoyed it, I would buy 3/4 pound fillets of, I'm sure, the cheapest salmon out there. This was a great way to enjoy salmon and save money and not worry about salmon going bad because I could take out one fillet at a time from the freezer. The salmon tasted good and I even cooked it for a few friends who loved it as well.

Last week I decided to splurge and buy two fillets of King salmon at the Metropolitan Market. King is supposed to be the best salmon out there. The fillets were expensive, but I have never had really nice salmon and was anxious to see if there really was a difference in taste. Well, I can pretty much say that once you taste King salmon, you never want to try another type of salmon ever again, it is THAT good. Not to mention the fact that I was cooking with fresh garlic and had honed, almost pefected, my salmon cooking skills.

I feel very lucky to live in Seattle where we have such an abundance of salmon and selections of places to buy it from. Not to mention the fact that I am less than 2 miles from Pike Place Market where there are multiple places to buy fresh fish.

With King salmon being so pricey, I think I might go out on a limb and try some Sockeye. It is usually about $5+ cheaper a pound, and is known as the second best tasting (though everyone has their preferences).

If you have a food you really like, but haven't splurged for a better quality version of that food, you owe it to yourself to splurge every once in a while. But just a warning, once you splurge you won't ever want to go back to the cheap version!


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