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Thank you, Rep. Ruchti. I can only imagine my blog is being emailed around to various Democrats in the state who read what I have written and then curse me!

I honestly wish I didn't have to write about this issue and I wish I didn't have so many people contacting me urging me to continue writing about it. If you think this is only my battle to fight, you are wrong. If you think I am smart enough to write everything that has been on my blog about this issue, you are wrong, but thank you for thinking that! Oh there are men and women behind the curtain who know much more than I could ever dream of, who keep in contact with people who I would never think of. But no, I am not a puppet, I am a conduit for other voices who know more than I know and who have sources I don't have.

I guess I am not as willing as other people to overlook half-assed admissions (and blaming someone else, see Paul Steed) and give that person the benefit of the doubt. After all, we are who we keep company with and Rep. Ruchti has spent a lot of time with a certain law firm in Salt Lake City that has spent millions and millions of dollars and many hours trying to ruin people's lives by scaring them into silence.

Ah yes, I remember the voice mails they left on people's phones who I hadn't spoken with in years. Telling these past friends and acquittance's that I was sexually abused and now suing the Church, that was lovely, let me tell you. They even called a cousin of mine and didn't realize she was my cousin, not until she told them, that is. They tried to drive my family apart and I should probably stop there, but trust me when I say those people are dirty and there isn't anything good about what they do. If you think I just told you the worst of it, you are wrong.

Keeping Kirton McConkie in the loop might sound real nice, Ruchti, but these people are pigs and take innocent victims into the mud to wrestle. They also tried to make nice with my ex step-father, a convicted child molester who pled guilty to three counts of child molestation. They tried to make nice and were successful. They loved to hang out in the courtroom before court started and after it ended for the day. They seemed to be good buddies.

Carry a bucket of shit and it will get on you.


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