There is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy in Idaho?  

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That would be the explanation people have been giving me as to why two Republican state senators, as well as other people involved, would create a lie, with great detail and interesting additions, that states that Rep. Ruchti let a law firm help draft legislation to protect Rep. Ruchti's religion.

Why lie about this? Why Ruchti? Why lie at all? It is just some conspiracy and there is no other information to add? Who has the motivation to lie? Ruchti about being a lackey of his religion and giving them extra special treatment or the two Senators who maybe didn't like Ruchti and just decided to create some elaborate story and not even go very public with it?

Paul Steed and Ruchti have admitted to working with one of the lawyers from this law firm on the issue of child abuse, so Jorgensen and Clark took that information, which I don't think was common knowledge, and ran with it? I actually know the lawyer they worked with and he is a real piece of work. I'll leave it at that.

And for those of you who are griping about my complaints (AKA, telling me to shut up and be happy with what was done), please read through my blog posts about the issue. I made it easy with labels (hint: House Bill 125 and try sexual abuse) and I would prefer to not repeat myself nor tell you things you can easily find on your own. Also please don't critique my legal interpretations, they aren't mine, they belong to someone who knows what the hell he is talking about.

Lastly, please read the CDA article about the issue. I think a lot of you just popped on here to comment about this and haven't spent any time reading my blog and you certainly have no idea what my role has been in regards to this issue, both in the last several months and the last several years. I think I know a few things about the multitude of issues, organizations, and people involved in this, far more than you might think I do.

It just came to me, this metaphor I have, but I think a lot of Ruchti's role in this was he that was the guy carrying the bucket overflowing with shit. He maybe tried really hard to walk slowly and not spill it on him, but it is overflowing and it flowed right onto his shoes. Points if you can guess what/who the shit and bucket are. But maybe he knew exactly what he was carrying and he was naive to think that even though he was carrying shit, he could wash it right off because he would get some good publicity out of this. Only Ruchti knows and I am not counting on an honest answer from him.


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