Updated the title of the blog and description.  

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Took out a bunch of states I spent some time in, as my title can only be so long. Plus, now the title is more accurate because I wasn't living in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, and other states, just there for a few days to a week.

Want to recommend that you check out a good friend of mine's blog, Front Row Seat: First in the Nation. I met Paula in New Hampshire and I am so glad I did. She has become a mentor of mine in many ways and she will be in D.C. in April, on my bday, so I am stoked about that!

I am thinking about changing things up on my blog. Maybe the layout a bit, including the background color. Though I like the black and its sleek look. Any suggestions would be fantastic. Also, I need to change up some of my sidebar, including some bad links.

Ok, bedtime for me. Night ya'll.


Aw, thanks for the link to my blog. It's a big day today & I am thinking of you, wherever you are!

When things slow down (HA!) check this out from your friends in NH: http://www.roadblockrepublicans.com/2008/02/29/Su-no-no-no.

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