The 24 hours between thursday night and friday afternoon.  

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I started in Portsmouth, NEW HAMPSHIRE, made a quick visit to Maine, then drove down to Massachusetts by way of Concord, NEW HAMPSHIRE to run some errands. After being in Mass for a few hours, I finally caught my flight to Baltimore and then picked up my rental car in Baltimore and drove through Maryland and Delaware to finally reach Jersey. I got into Jersey around 12:30am last night, went to bed and got up and drove to Pennsylvania. 

After attending a McCain town hall near Philly, I drove through Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland back to the Baltimore Airport (BWI) and returned the rental car, caught two shuttles to get to the MARC train and took that to Union Station, then caught the Metro and finally got home. I took a much need nap from 7-9 and should be working right now, but my brain stopped functioning the second I stepped into my bedroom. 

So anyways, the last 2 days, and the 2 days before that just reconfirmed how much I love the East and New England. Everything is so close together without feeling claustrophobic

I should stay put in Maryland/DC for the next little while. I think I need a break from traveling and I kinda hate paying rent when I am gone so much.


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