Comfortably numb in Boston!  

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So I spent the last 2 days in NEW HAMPSHIRE! My first full day was filled with pretty shitty weather until the afternoon when the snow stopped and it warmed up a bit. I was able to get a hot cocoa with a friend, Paula in Durham, home of the University of New Hampshire. It was sooooooo nice to see her and a familiar face. Familiar faces become one of the greatest gifts you receive when you are in my position. 

I went to the John McCain town hall in Exeter and was soooo happy to receive a phone call from a friend telling me, "I am looking at you." Indeed she was, she was downstairs and I was up. Didn't really get to visit, but still, a familiar face.

I was able to get some work done at my hotel and then hung out with my friend, Laura, who always provides lots of laughs and a familiar face. 

Today I worked a bit and ran some errands, like picking up my portable DVD player that has been at a local Circuit City since January...oh, how I've missed her! I also got a bit of shopping done. The chain stores I visited are WAYYYYYYYYY nicer in NH than they are in Maryland. They are actually pretty nasty in Maryland and the ones here are clean and organized and have lots more to choose from. 

I'll be flying back to Baltimore tonight and then will drive to New Jersey where I am staying the night for an event tomorrow near Philly. Then, I finally get to head back home to Maryland/DC, which will be nice, though I haven't been gone very long (since Tuesday). 

That's the latest from Boston, one of the great American cities!


Ah, it was good to have you back in NH. It's been weeks since I've had a GOOD political discussion!

Keep up the good work. I hope McBush gave you some zingers!

miss you, paula!

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