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So my mom and step-dad bought me the complete series of The West Wing for Christmas and I have been watching it off and on since then and find myself in the 7th season as of today (started disc 43 of 45 tonight). I've been pretty amused by some of the plot lines as they are eerily similar to what we are experiencing now.

Republicans nominate a moderate Republican on the show, and this year they nominated a moderate Republican in real life, though McCain becomes more and more Conservative each day (ick!). Democrats have a brokered convention on the show; we could very well have a brokered convention in real life. Republican nominee battles with choosing a conservative VP on the show, John McCain is being pressured to pick a conservative VP in real life. Democratic nominee on the show is a Latino, the Democratic nominee will either be an African-American or a woman in real life!

So, I've basically fallen in love with The West Wing since I started watching it during the Christmas season, but it's really made me wish that President Bartlett were our President and Matt Santos could be our next President!

It seems like only yesterday that JRE was still in the race and we had a candidate who I could totally support. Now, I don't care much about who our nominee is, I just want a nominee. I have reservations about both and it is a daily struggle figuring out who I like more. I really feel like we let a golden opportunity pass us by by not showing more support for JRE. The most progressive and most electable and he doesn't stand a chance after only a few states. Everyone loves him, whereas I find a lot of mixed support for HRC and Obama (anecdotal, mind you). I know a lot of middle-aged moderate Democrats, and hardcore Democrats who have serious reservations about Obama and I could see them going with McCain if McCain can maintain his maverick status. I'm not quite sure I am comfortable labeling that as lingering deep racism or what, but we will have a big problem in our party stopping some Democrats from peeling off for McCain, especially if he chooses a moderate VP, such as Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida, who is immensely popular or even Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, who isn't as popular, but a good speaker and pretty charismatic, and YOUNG (pretty cute too).

So those are my latest thoughts on the 2008 race; McCain worries me, Obama and HRC don't excite me as much as JRE (no surprise there), and McCain's VP choice is hugely important, HUGELY important.


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