Friday, Friday.  

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This week at work I've been working a swing type of shift. Get on the clock at 1pm and technically get off at 11pm, but a few nights I was done earlier. It's been interesting, but when I get back home to Silver Spring, everything is closed. Ah...the life of suburbia. Makes me miss the 24 hour-ish-ness of Vegas.

The city is a bit better in this respect but even when I am downtown in DC working, lots of things are closed on the weekends and late at night. Silver Spring is a decent sized city, but still, not a lot open. And though I try to minimize my shopping at Wal-Mart, I do miss not having one semi close by just in case everything else is closed and I need to make a 2am shopping run. The closest Wal-Mart to me is 11 miles away and frankly, I don't feel like hopping on the highway at 2am just to get some pop, and Wal-Mart doesn't even carry my beloved ranch sunflower seeds anways.

Next week I'll be working a 6am to 3pm shift, which means I'll be getting up at 4am every morning. Ugh, but I do like some variety.

Bill Richardson endorsed Obama today. I'm not surprised. The fact that it took him this long to endorse should've been a sign he wasn't endorsing HRC.

Go here and watch John Edwards on Leno. Why oh why oh why can't he be our nominee? I'm so done with the drama and crap with HRC and BO (Obama).


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