Happy Easter...kinda...  

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So tomorrow is Easter and like the last few holidays, I shall be celebrating alone. Er, well, actually with lots of random people in airports and airplanes... 

I found out tonight that I'll be flying to San Diego tomorrow. I'll be out there for a few days in San Diego and the LA area. I haven't really been out west since September when I began my journey out east, so it will be nice to head out west. I don't think I've been to LA/SD since I was like 16 or something. My cousin and his wife live out there, so I'm hoping for a visit with them, but alas, I don't control a lot of my schedule and who knows what will be going on. 

Any advice on traffic? General advice? Looks like I will for sure be in Chula Vista, Santa Ana, Los Angeles and staying Sunday night and Monday in San Diego. 


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