Farewell Idaho.  

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In the next several weeks, I will make my last visit to Idaho to cut off the last significant ties I have to the state, aside from dear friends and professors. I might make it back to Idaho for a visit or two, but I will never live in the State of Idaho again. It's a state that just isn't for me. This post isn't meant to disparage the state or anyone who chooses to live there, I just can't live there. Not after what I've seen and experienced.

A tinge of jealously swept over me as I read some accounts of the Frank Church Banquet in Boise until I realized I got to go to lunch with Paul Begala a few weeks ago. A longing to be in Boise this past weekend existed until I realized I've met Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, and Dennis Kucinich multiple times. I missed Boise until I realized I work in Washington D.C. and get to work in my Mecca and travel for work and see states I would never have seen without this job.

It was several months ago when I texted a friend in Idaho about how I was angry about something some of the Idaho Dems were doing when she responded with, "You're on to bigger and better things." There is nothing small and/or unimportant about working for Democrats in the reddest of red states, but this bird couldn't fly until she left the confining skies of Idaho.

I will forever be indebt to what many Idaho Democrats have done for me, meant to me, and taught me. Jim Hansen taught me to never give up, always be proud of being a Liberal, and smile as often as you can. Alan Anderson taught me to hold your head up high, even in the face of defeat because tasting defeat is better than tasting nothing at all. Jana Jones taught me that even when people in your own party aren't loyal to you, always be loyal to them.

It was the Bonneville County Democrats and the Bannock County Democrats which gave me my first tastes of volunteerism that gave me my craving for campaign work. It was the Idaho State University College Democrats that gave me an opportunity to be a leader. Some of my dearest friends are in the College Dems at ISU and I love them dearly. They are people who I didn't give a fair shake to at first, but slowly, ever so slowly, I came to love them and appreciate their uniqueness.

I am moving on to different things, some say bigger and better, but I will never forget where I came from.


You will be missed, but always welcome. Your dedicated example has given many the desire to work in their own areas for meaningful change in the face of overwhelming redness. Thanks.

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