Updated the title of the blog and description.  

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Took out a bunch of states I spent some time in, as my title can only be so long. Plus, now the title is more accurate because I wasn't living in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, and other states, just there for a few days to a week.

Want to recommend that you check out a good friend of mine's blog, Front Row Seat: First in the Nation. I met Paula in New Hampshire and I am so glad I did. She has become a mentor of mine in many ways and she will be in D.C. in April, on my bday, so I am stoked about that!

I am thinking about changing things up on my blog. Maybe the layout a bit, including the background color. Though I like the black and its sleek look. Any suggestions would be fantastic. Also, I need to change up some of my sidebar, including some bad links.

Ok, bedtime for me. Night ya'll.

Greetings from The Lone Star State!  

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Houston to be exact. Tomorrow I will fly into Dallas and spend a few hours there before driving a few hours to another destination, but I will return to Dallas until, most likely, next Wednesday! This trip was only supposed to be 2-3 days, but has turned into an 8 day adventure, and misadventure, which shall be another blog post. Let's just say that US Airways is LAME!

So, I am pretty excited about Dallas because for the first time in 6 months, 6 MONTHS, I will see a familiar face! I mean, I've seen a few work people, but those are people I just met in July/August and while I love them, it just isn't the same as a family member or close friend. But tomorrow, I will see my friend, one of my best friends actually, Toni. We lived next door to eachother in Rexburg and have been friends ever since. So that means we met in 2002, I think. I will actually be staying with her for a few days and I cannot wait! We always have so much fun and she loves play hostess. She is a great cook too so I am maybe hoping for a home cooked meal. It's been several months in that regard as well.

I am very blessed because I have a few good friends spread out throughout this country and many who I remain in close contact with and even if I can't see them, they are only a quick text away.

My blog, as I just described to a friend of mine, has been a big pile of lame lately and for that I apologize. I've been traveling since yesterday morning at 3am and have been in 5 states. With my work schedule and spending 2 hours a day going to/from work, I just don't have the energy to blog much. There is so much I want to say, but a lot of it involves my work and I cannot blog about that.

I'll work harder on blogging more, I promise this time.

Stuff White People Like.  

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Freaking hilarious. Go here and enjoy this brilliant blog.

I'm Alive! Adventures in DC and Maryland.  

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I am blogging from my bedroom at my new place I am renting. I am renting a bedroom out of a single family home in Silver Spring, Maryland. It's around a 10 minute walk from a Metro stop so I can take public transportation into work, thank goodness. It came furnished, which is nice. I definitely need to shell out some dough on a mattress pad because I do not like feeling the springs! I just hate buying stuff like that...ugh.

So before I moved in here I was staying at my bosses half empty apartment and since there is no parking over there, I left my car in what I was told, was a safe place. Yeah, not so much. The thieves who got into my car made off with a few bags of my stuff. They mainly got clothes, including dirty laundry, a bag of tennis shoes (nothing sellable), my bag of toiletries (large bag with 95% of my toiletries, including brand new, never opened makeup), and maybe a few things they could sell on the street...I'm lucky they didn't spend another minute looking to discover my wallet, video camera, case of dvd's, etc. Obviously the thieves were totally stupid. I'm just annoyed they took all of my toiletries, except a few essentials I had with me, many clothes they will just throw away, and my bag of shoes. Talk about pathetic, and talk about hilarious that the thieves were too stupid to know any better. Hopefully it was some homeless dude so he can be a little more stylish in my pink fleece sweatshirt from The Gap. haha. Ugh, I just realized they got my favorite sweatshirt that I just bought in NEW HAMPSHIRE. :(

Oh, and auto insurance, at least mine and most others, doesn't cover the cost of the stolen items. They told me to file a claim through my homeowner's insurance. Um, ma'am, I don't own a home, nor do I rent a home, nor have I rented a home or apartment since June, hence the reason I don't have homeowner's or renter's insurance.

So I've been busy working and when I wasn't working, filing a police report, or moving into my new place, I was resting because I got nasty nasty sick. I haven't been sick in 14 months, so I guess I was due. Ugh. My boss wouldn't even let me go into the office I sounded that horrible on the phone. I asked her if I could just come in late instead of miss the whole day but she insisted I stay home. I went back to my normal work schedule the next day, which maybe wasn't that smart, but ah well.

My roommate today asked me if I work 40 hour work weeks. I had to laugh. Um, I usually hit the 40 hour mark 3 days into my work week. I had today off, which was nice, since I haven't had a day off since Christmas, though I did get 3/4th's of a day off for Disney World!

I'm gonna sign off for now. I feel sick to my stomach. I can't believe the thieves got my favorite sweatshirt. My favorite gloves. My prescription of happy pills. My brand new makeup. All of my tennis shoes. My disc I need to reboot this computer if the hard drive crashes. So many stupid little things they can't even sell or use, but things I loved and adored. Life sucks right now.

Greetings from Washington D.C., my Mecca.  

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I am writing from the center of the political world, Washington D.C.!!! The drive down from New Hampshire was fabulous. I drove through New York City, which was crazy!

I've been going into the office and doing other work stuff which has kept me insanely busy, but I love being here. I was staying with a coworker for a few days when I got horribly sick. So now I am at my bosses place, which she is moving out of, to recover. I looked at a room for rent in Silver Spring, Maryland tonight and I think I may be moving into it in the next few days. You just can't live in D.C. with a car unless you have lots of money to spend on parking or a place to rent which has parking, or if you don't care if your car is broken into all of the time. As much as I love the city, it is nice to live in the suburbs with stores and shopping, and space, and parking, and less craziness.

Well I'm beat, but I hope to blog more often now that a work assignment I had is complete.

Back in New Hampshire, it's the night before everything changes.  

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I am back in NEW HAMPSHIRE after spending Sunday in Connecticut and Saturday in Nashville! Nashville was gorgeous! Connecticut was pretty as well, but what was prettiest about Connecticut was the protestors I was able to see. :) More later.

After a good night's sleep in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE, I will be headed down to Washington D.C. I'm pretty nervous because sooooooo much will change but I think I'm ready for a change and ready to get settled down. I've been able to live out of a suitcase but it will be nice to have a place to call home.

I'm gonna keep this short. Say a prayer for my safe travels and that I will find a place to call home. Thank you.

Greetings from Chicago, by way of Atlanta!  

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I'm blogging from the cold and snowy throes of Chicago, Illinois. It's actually not that cold. I think NEW HAMPSHIRE taught me what real cold is. Chicago just got a snowstorm last night which kept me in Atlanta longer than I wanted. I was a bit excited though because I thought I could catch part of the debate on one of the tv's in the airport. As soon as it started, they changed the channel on every tv to the Mavs-Celts game...ummm??? Do I even need to go into why this was total crap?

So, while I would love suggestions on things to do, places to see, and foods to eat, I am flying out tomorrow morning to....NASHVILLE! I am actually more excited for Nashville than I was for Chicago because going to Nashville means I get to cross off another state on my list of states to see!

I'm thinking I'll be back in NEW HAMPSHIRE in the next few days for my final goodbye. sigh.